We can help with that...

At Consuming Health, our goal is to help transform health care into a more responsive, efficient, and cost-effective consumer market. We see massive opportunity for health care organizations to better engage, enable, and empower consumers. Yet reaching consumers effectively and authentically has not been a traditional strength or even a focus in most health care organizations.

Conversely, traditionally consumer-focused companies don't always know the intricacies of health care dynamics. It can be complicated to work in the health care system. 

We can help.

Our team can partner with you on:

  • Marketing, communications, content development, and public relations

  • Product strategy and management

  • User experience

  • Business development and partnerships


Understanding consumer behavior, attitudes, and beliefs is key to engaging with them in a meaningful way. We can help you design and execute consumer research projects to illuminate all aspects of your business. We can test product or company names, messaging, pricing, product features, and usability. We can go deep into consumer psyches to help you understand business drivers and opportunities for growth from the consumer perspective.


We are expert in evaluating and developing business, marketing, and product strategy. From blue sky vision to positioning and marketing planning, we can help. Whether you need a well-thought out integrated campaign, a new approach to consumerism, or a corporate strategy reboot, we can help. 


Having executed thousands of marketing projects and communications, we can plan, start, and finish work for or with you. We have also held product management roles in technology and services companies, and can bring that experience to your team. We can manage projects, write copy, work with creatives to develop work, or raise your company's profile through PR and social media execution.